Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Getting Started

I will have photos of my drawings up in a few days. I've just got a tripod which should be a great help.


  1. Hi Patricia..........I am doing the Bargue plates as well. I started out of sequence, but I purchased his "course" last week and started "at the beginning."

    I have a question for you; why, are you drawing some of the plates twice? Just for practice?


    Paul Lipton Warren

  2. Hi Paul,

    It's great to hear that you're working on Bargue! I only do a plate once, though I did have to re-do plates in the earlier days because they were very off. For some plates, the first photo you see shows the entire sketchbook page with the rough lines and the finished copy and the other photo is a close-up of the finished copy. For other plates, the first photo shows my copy beside the original plate and the second photo again shows a close-up of my finished plate.


  3. OK..............I sort of worked backwards, because I got a $29.95 internet course that introduced me to Braque. It consisted of 20 plates and instructions. It is actually pretty good for an into.

    With the internet course, I did "Ears, Eyes then plates 7, 20, 30, 49" ending with Homere, Achilles & St Marthe.

    I just purchased the course by Gerald Ackerman, which is so fantastic; I love it. Not only are his comments interesting, but I can finally see the detail in the lithographs.

    Now, I started from plate 5 (up to 8 as of today........only 182 left) I am going to finish all 70, then start the portraits.

    I have gotten the hang of it now, and it's taking me about 2-3 days per plate (for the feet) Obviously, some will be longer. Homere was the most difficult. So these feet, hands and arms are not to difficult.

    Anyway, back to the drawing board (literally). Also, have you found anyone else who is working on the plates?

    Thanks for listening.


    Paul Lipton Warren

  4. I may go back and do Homer. I haven't met anyone who is working on the Bargue plates, but there are some people around the Internet who do some and I think the classical realism ateliers use them, as well.