Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bargue Plate 22

A woman's arm holding a piece of cloth. The most interesting part was the faint shadow across the arm between wrist and elbow. My first attempt was a tinge too dark even though I lightly brushed the paper with the tip of a 2H; I applied a nylon brush to soften the lines but that only produced an unsightly smudge. So I erased it and tried the veiling technique again. I suppose my previous attempt and its erasure had produced a priming effect on the paper because the second time the pencil glided more smoothly over the paper and a light dabbing with the brush did not result in an ugly smudge. Hopefully I just need to gain more control over the pencil for lighter shadow areas as I would not relish making a habit of spending hours on a section then erasing it in order to "prime" the paper.

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