Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wildflowers and Mushrooms

Here is my latest drawing. The wildflowers are Wild Chamomile, Black-Eyed Susan, Creeping Bellflower, Indian Touch-Me-Not, and Dame's Rocket. The mushrooms are Fly Agaric, Fairy Ring, Deadly Conocybe, Dunce Cap, and two I haven't been able to identify. The biggest challenge with this drawing was choosing and positioning the flowers and mushrooms such that there was minimal cluttering but a feeling of plenitude still came across. I modeled the composition off Dutch Old Master flower paintings and the obvious hitch was that I couldn't rely on color to distinguish between the flowers, so I picked flowers that had relatively distinctive petal arrangement and overall shape. The big leaves belong to the Indian Touch-Me-Not and provide a visual respite from all the little petal clusters. This drawing took four months and around 200 hours and measures 18 by 16 inches. My camera is getting a bit old (6 megapixels) so some detail is missing, particularly in the mushroom gills and the chamomile petals.

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