Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bargue Plate 43

The Roman empress Faustina. I chose not to do the shadows as dark as the original, but did bring in a 6B for more darkness than a 4B provides. The trickiest part was the nose and forehead - I seem to want to lengthen noses out of proportion. I skipped plate 42, which had some ugly babies' heads.


  1. Hi Patricia, I attend The Academy of Realist Art Boston. As part of the program we are required to complete 4 Bargue drawings. I chose Faustine as my second. I did not expect it to be as challenging as turned out. Although it has contributed to my eye training. I am currently attempting to complete those areas in the lights. No easy task. Best wishes. Geoffrey.

  2. Hi Geoffrey,

    I've heard about the Boston Academy and hope to one day take workshops at the Toronto Academy. I found Faustine's chin particularly tricky. Good luck with the plate!