Monday, December 16, 2013

Bargue Plate 48

Phocion, Greek general and politician. I'm back to Bargue after a very long absence. I've spent the past 5 months studying for the PhD field exam, which mostly involved reading many books about and from the Victorian period of British literature. I've never studied so hard and so long for an exam, but I, thankfully, passed. I've also upgraded my drawing space with a new, sturdier H-frame easel (I had a shaky A-frame before), a proper stool (instead of a computer chair), and an easel lamp with a daylight simulation bulb. The ergonomics of the new setup are incredible! Thus far, back pain and eye strain have disappeared, so I'm very excited about resuming drawing. I did the bulk of Phocion back in July and finished it yesterday: the values and angles looked surprisingly different under the new light and I'm looking forward to starting a new plate in these new conditions.

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