Friday, July 4, 2014

Bargue Plate 53 Scaled

Life-mask of a young girl. For a more challenging experience, I scaled this plate to twice the size of the original, which landed me with quite a huge amount of work. I think I spent 60 to 70 hours on this plate! I kept on underestimating the time required to complete it, much to the irritation of my partner, who kept asking "is this the last day yet?" after my ever-accumulating 7-hour marathons, before everyone of which I kept saying "this is the last day." I'm very happy with the level of accuracy and am taking a (very) long break from Bargue to study perspective and, later, watercolor. Bargue has been invaluable to improving my drawing skills, but I think I've plateaued in my learning and need to move on. There are more, interesting plates, so I may return sometime in the future. I'll post my progress on perspective and watercolor.

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