Monday, July 31, 2017

Back to Perspective: Various Cubes

After being very busy with work for a long while now, I've gotten back to drawing. I'm still working on digital art, but have decided to continue studying perspective on paper, since I find giving up paper hard. I've set up a lightbox, painted an assortment of wooden shapes white, and will draw them in a variety of configurations. The light source is attached to my easel and is coming from the front-top-right. The sketchbook sits at an angle, hence the somewhat warped look of the photos. The first three pictures were done sequentially: I added another cube each time. The bottom picture is a photograph of the third set-up, converted to grayscale and, unfortunately, not properly white-balanced; I tried to set the camera at about the same level and location where my eyes were while drawing. Not bad for a start.

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